Locking Arms: God’s Design for Masculine Friendship ~ Stu Weber

Locking Arms: male friendship

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Discover the truth about God’s design for masculine firendship, and learn to build soul-shaping, brother-to-brother relationships.

Publisher: Ano Zeteo Press
Release Date: June 15, 2018 COMING SOON!
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9880572-5-8

Infinite Impact: Making the Most of your Place on God’s Timeline ~ by Stu Weber

Infinite Impact

Your life can have eternal impact if you become an active participant in God’s story and your own.  In this book, Stu Weber will help you take inventory, challenge you to think beyond your lifespan, and plan your impact so it echoes for eternity.

Publisher:          Ano Zeteo Press
ISBN eBook:     978-0-9880572-1-0



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“Read Stu’s book and you’ll gain a refreshing perspective about what will last.” — Randy Alcorn, Author of Heaven


Too many of us are passive participants in our own story. We roll through life without a plot. No real character development. No sense of transcendence that connects to history or extends beyond the present. The devil is in the default: wasted motions, directionless sitcom, and an unremarkable legacy of vapor. 

Thankfully, there is a better script. The impact of a single life can extend far beyond the time and space it occupies, thanks to God’s gracious invitation to join Him in the only eternal story.

Everything that has happened up until now has purpose for your life. Your heritage, your gifts, the people around you, the very path you’ve traveled — none of it is accidental. 

In this book, bestselling author Stu Weber will help you take inventory, challenge you to think beyond your lifespan, and plan your impact so it echoes for eternity.





Introduction: The Timeline

Chapter 1. Purpose and Power

Chapter 2. Strengthening Your Future

Chapter 3. Springboard to Action

Chapter 4. Marking Today’s Key Moments

Chapter 5. Honoring Repeated Events

Chapter 6. The Importance of Place

Chapter 7. Trail Markers

Chapter 8. Why Are You Here?

Chapter 9. The Catapult

Chapter 10. Carving Your Name on the Timeline

Chapter 11. Start Right Here

Chapter 12. Gaining Perspective

Chapter 13. The End Is Only the Beginning

Epilogue: Almost Morning

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Heart of a Tender Warrior: Becoming a Man of Purpose ~ by Stu Weber

Stu Weber's Heart of a Tender Warrior

Men must stand tall and strong in an age of cynicism. In this 90-page adaptation of his 20yr bestseller, Tender Warrior, Stu Weber reestablishes a man’s highest priorities in the pursuit of disciplined masculinity.

Publisher: Ano Zeteo Press
eBook only: ISBN 978-0-9880572-2-7


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“Stu Weber challenges us to be the men that God intended. For the sake of our wives, our children, and our nation, I hope that every American male will read and heed this memorable book.”


“Tender Warrior provides hope for men by challenging their assumptions and shaping their convictions. Read it. Devour it. Then live it. This is the time for real men to emerge.”


“I drank Budweiser, smoked Marlboros, and chased women.… Tender Warrior sent me deeper into my heart and soul. When I finished it I passed it on to a (sorry) friend, who was supposed to give it back, but passed it on to someone else (even sorrier). This book changed his life. It knocked down the walls around his heart. His response: ‘The most important thing that has happened in my life started when you sent me that book.’”



It takes a warrior to stand tall and strong in an age of cynicism. Today, Stu Weber’s ringing affirmation of godly manhood reestablishes a man’s highest priorities.

Brief chapters, salted with the author’s stories, present the characteristics of tender warriors — including watching out for what lies ahead, keeping commitments, and learning to speak the language of women. In his warm yet straightforward style, Weber shows how a man’s strength can be tempered with tenderness, grace, and submission to God’s Son, the ultimate Tender Warrior.

This is an abridged 90-page version of Stu Weber’s original 1993 bestseller “Tender Warrior” (over 750,000 copies sold).

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Chapter 1. Wake-Up Call

Chapter 2. The Scout

Chapter 3. Staying Power

Chapter 4. Beneath the Breastplate

Chapter 5. Under Orders

Chapter 6. The Aloneness Fighter

Chapter 7. Take Hold, Dad!

Chapter 8. Real Men Stand Together

Chapter 9. The Ultimate Tender Warrior

Take It to Heart


About the Author

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