A-Z Unique Service Proposition

  • Best-in-Class Digitization: including scanning, OCR, proof-editing, file testing and quality custom designed covers
  • Efficient Global Distribution: to eRetailers, libraries and POD carriers
  • Higher Royalties: more of the net proceeds remain with the author/publisher (distribution)
  • No Out-of-Pocket Cost to you:  with rare exception, we absorb cost of conversion and offset against initial sales

DDM Program Features

  • Eligibility: authors must be previously published or have an agent
  • No Upfront Costs to Authors/Publishers:  we recoup cash outlays from initial sales
  • Formats:  we build and distribute multiple digital filetypes, as well as the option of Print-on-Demand
  • Metadata: we manage everything at retailers and anywhere descriptive copy is needed
  • Content Sourcing:  we can produce all necessary digital and POD formats from your Word or PDF file or scanned print book.
  • Custom Book Covers: we design unique new book covers for each book, at no out-of-pocket cost to you

Who We Serve

  1. Christian Authors (Traditionally Published), Author Estates, Author Agents
    1. Who have re-acquired the rights to their traditionally published books
    2. Who have printed titles that have not yet been digitized
    3. Who desire to see their books become eBooks (and optionally new Print-on-demand books)
  2. Christian Publishers (large or small)
    1. Who have digital rights for titles that are un-digitized and/or no-longer being printed
    2. Who are looking for a professional and efficient way to outsource unexploited rights of backlist titles.

Why publish with us?  6 Reasons why our Customers Love Us

  1. Higher Royalty Rates
  2. Marketing Execution on the Cutting Edge
    Our website, Social Media and merchandising outreach campaigns will maximize your exposure and improve discovery.  We have years of professional experience in marketing books, and our list is small enough to give it attention.  Each author or title gets its own custom permanent website page and hits social media every month, and these are just a few of the things we don’t think you’ll find anywhere else.
  3. A signifcant Relational Marketing Platform
    For us, it starts with family and moves out from there.  We can make calls that most self-publishers can’t and big publishers won’t.
  4. We Pay Quarterly, Communicate Well and Often
    But we hope to move to monthly soon
  5. We are the happy medium.  Small with big Megaphone
  6. We work really hard at it,  and enjoy it

Full Service Publishing

We are also a full service Christian publisher seeking a limited number of original new titles from select Christian Authors who are traditionally published or contemplating self-publishing.  We have yet to accept an unsolicited manuscript, but that day may come.