Books AboveAno Zeteo is a Christian book publisher and distributor. We publish new titles, and transform existing book titles that are under-served, un-digitized, out-of-print or rights-reverted, and we breathe new life into them with dynamic new digital and POD formats, effective global distribution and cutting-edge platform marketing. Our business has two parts.

1. Publishing

We’re a full service Christian publisher seeking a limited number of original titles from select Christian Authors.

2. Digitization, Distribution & Marketing (DDM)

We serve as an exclusive digital outsourcing partner to independent Christian publishers and/or select Christian Authors.  Our service is comprehensive including digitization, distribution and book marketing.  This allows traditionally published authors (with rights) as well as independent publishing houses (with backlists) the opportunity to efficiently monetize unexploited digital rights with our no-upfront-cost DDM service. We handle everything: scanning, OCR, proofreading, testing, cover design, global e-distribution to e-tailers and libraries, and marketing. We also offer print-on-demand (POD) options for major retailers via Ingram, upon request. Read more about our services.


Our Focus:    ανο ζετεο

What’s in a name?  Ours is Greek.  You find it place in places like Colossians 3:1.  “… seek the things that are above, where Christ is” 


→ pron.  ahn’-o  (adverb);  Ano
→ (def)  Up, upwards, above, on high,
of the quarters of heaven


→ pron.  dzay-teh’-o; (verb)  Zeteo
→ (def) To seek in order to find,
to seek by thinking, reasoning

That sums it up well.  We are seeking books that are above, where Christ is.  We publish high quality mainstream Christian books that edify.