Home Going: Poetry for a Season ~ Carolyn Weber

Christian Poetry ~ Carolyn Weber

In her first full-length poetry collection in print, Carolyn Weber weaves together themes of family, place, nature and journeys of the soul as she explores both physical landscapes and spiritual themes from daily life in the Christian faith.


Publisher:          Ano Zeteo Press
Release Date:     April 2, 2015
ISBN Print:        978-0-9880572-9-6
ISBN eBook:      978-1-987897-00-5


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Table of Contents

Preface 6

At the Gate of the Beautiful   8

Intention   12

Winter Reign   13

Winter Solstice   14

The Cottage in Winter   15

Oh, How We Danced   17

Rooting   19

The Unchangeling   20

DeLaurier Homestead   21

One Incessant Fly   23

Mothering   24

Fathering   25

Spring at my Window   26

Preface to True North 27

Upon Returning to the Forest City   29

Tenure   30

Promotion   32

Overcast   34

Mara   35

The Seasonal Resurrection   38

The Return of the Thought-Fox   39

Under the Tree   40

December 26th   41

White Silence   43

River’s Edge   45

Every Desire   49

Morning After Windstorm   50

Preface to Summering 52

Chipmunked   53

Archery   54

Burning Bush   55

Summer of the Butterflies   58

Toad Spell   61

Foretaste and Tell   63

Sylvan Secrets   64

Heartened   65

Open Window at Night   66

Summer Storm   67

Fireflies   69

Sea Glass   70

Bright to Behold   71

Evergreen   72

Not Drowning but Waving   74

Bower Stroll   75